Why Email Marketing Is The Most Profitable Online Business

Why email marketing is the most profitable online business

Why email marketing is the most profitable online business

Email marketing is as old as the internet itself, It’s an effective means to promote business, brands, and products. In fact email has proved itself to be the most profitable channel selling products or services online. There are many reasons you should start your own email marketing campaign, like converting traffic, more sales volume, higher profit margin, etc.

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Your email list can provide you with a constant stream of traffic

Bloggers rely on Google or social media to send them traffic, and those sources can dry up. Your email list will always be productive as long as you provide the end-user with valuable information. If you create an email list and provide people with informative content without sending them sales tactics, people will open your messages and buy things from you.


You must build a relationship with the subscribers of your email list

The key to success is for your subscribers to see you as a human and not as a marketer. The best way to do this is to be super helpful and get to know your audience. If you can provide value, build trust and earn their trust, this is how you will grow a substantial list. It’s about connecting with your subscribers personally so that they feel like they know you. People are more likely to buy something from someone they know and trust.


Don’t pound your list with advertisements

A good rule of thumb is to advertise a product or service to your list in 20% of the messages you send them. If you send them one email every day, that means you would send them only two advertisements in a week. If you send more than this, your subscribers will get annoyed with you and unsubscribe from your list. It’s a good idea to offer value, entertainment, and education.


Use your email list to grow your other digital assets

You can build your organic traffic to your blog by sending subscribers to your posts. If you have a podcast, you can promote it and send subscribers to listen to it. You can also use your email list to engage with other channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. It’s also a good idea to notify your list when you update your YouTube channel with a new video. The views you get from your subscribers will help your video rank better on YouTube, and you’ll get more organic traffic.


You must think long term when creating an email list

The problem many marketers have with email marketing is they end up spamming their list and it causes them to not succeed. Don’t worry about making money today with your list; instead, focus on building up a profitable business that will make you money for years to come. You need to develop a solid customer base to make money long term.

The connection that you make with your subscribers will determine the success you have with your email list. The more they trust you, the more likely they will buy things from you. You want to create a large list and one that will make you money and be a productive source of sustainable revenue. That only happens when you put people in front of profits, and you spend your time educating the public instead of only hitting them with offers intended on making you money.

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