The Ultimate Guide To Making Money On YouTube

Making money on Youtube

The ultimate guide to making money on YouTube

YouTube is the second most visited site on the internet. There are now more than 300 hours of new content uploaded to YouTube every minute! YouTube is an excellent way to make some side money from home. If you have a talent or skill that might be appealing to others, you can make some extra cash while putting your talents to the test.


YouTube offers an excellent opportunity for you to make money if you have something interesting to offer. There are plenty of ways to earn on YouTube, which include uploading your own content and promoting sponsored content. This article will focus on the best way of making money from YouTube.


Why should you choose YouTube over other video-sharing sites?

YouTube is by far the best video-sharing site online. The site has billions of viewers and is visited by millions every day. It is also the second-largest search engine in the world. There are other video-sharing platforms, but they lack the traffic, tools, and monetization options that YouTube has. While there are other video-sharing platforms, making money from those sites is difficult. This is because their traffic isn’t as high as YouTube. Plus, creating and monetizing videos on those platforms takes a lot of effort.


What do you need to begin making videos for YouTube?

You only need a few things to start making money from YouTube. First, you’ll need a decent computer or smartphone with a good camera. You’ll also need the right editing software, which can be downloaded for free online. However, there are plenty of YouTubers who don’t edit their videos at all, and that is an option for those of you who don’t want to invest in a computer or want to learn how to edit video. Your videos don’t need to be perfect, but clear enough so that your viewers can understand what you’re saying.


The camera on your smartphone is good enough to get you started

Don’t be one of these people who put off creating videos because they don’t have a Hollywood-quality camera. If you have a smartphone, that’s all you need to get started. Most smartphone cameras are top-notch these days, with plenty of resolution and clarity. And the best thing is that your phone is always in your pocket or purse so that you can create videos anywhere at any time.

Let’s spend a little time talking about how to decide what niche you should make videos for.


The first mistake many YouTubers make in the beginning is they create videos they think will make them money

You’re here to make some money. Right? It makes sense that you’d want to create videos with the highest possibility of making you the most money. However, you’ll find that the highest-earning topics are things you either know nothing about or have no desire to learn. The best strategy is to create videos you know best and love to make. If you enjoy making the videos, the viewer will have fun watching. It really is that simple.


How to choose a niche to begin making videos

The easiest way to choose which niches to make videos in is by jotting down all the things you’re interested in. If you’re a photographer, you can teach people how to take the best photos. Every person reading this has at least one thing that they can teach people how to do. Once you have a list of topics that you want to make videos about, you need to choose the ones that will be the quickest and easiest for you to complete. This might take some trial and error.


The niche you choose is important, but it’s not written in stone

What happens if you make five videos and you find out that you hate talking about that niche? You can either delete the videos and start over or create another channel. You can even keep the videos on one channel and use another channel to start over with a different niche. Don’t beat yourself up if you choose the wrong niche in the beginning because it happens far more than you might realize.

Now let’s turn to the nitty-gritty side of content production.

How long should your YouTube videos be?

YouTube isn’t TV, and you don’t have to create long videos to make money on YouTube. Most of the videos that rank well are less than 10 minutes in length. Most successful YouTube channels have shorter videos, averaging anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. If you’re creating videos for an older audience, you may want to create some longer videos, but that will have to be determined by your niche.


How do you plan your YouTube content?

You should have a general idea of what you’re going to be talking about in your video. It’s best to do a few minutes worth of research on the topic before recording. This will help you to create a more organized video. You should also create a script so that you know exactly what you’re going to be talking about. You don’t have to read the script word-for-word; it’s fine if you keep it in your head.


What should you say in your video?

When talking about what you should say in your videos, you need to consider two things: traffic and SEO. You want to create content for both humans and robots. First, let’s talk about humans. You want your videos to be entertaining. Don’t talk about technical aspects that aren’t interesting. If your niche is cooking, you might want to show how to make a recipe or talk about what kinds of food you like. You can also have guests in your videos to keep it interesting.

Let’s talk about robots for a moment. Search engines are looking for keyword-rich content and will rank content higher if there are keywords used in the video description, title, and tags. Use your keyword throughout the video, and make sure to include it in your description. We’ll talk more about this a little later on.


Always look presentable in your videos

You don’t need to put on a tuxedo, but you also don’t want to look homeless. You must look presentable in your videos so that your audience will want to watch the whole video. The easiest way to do this is to make sure that your lighting is good. Try to find a spot with natural light where you can see yourself without the need for a mirror. If you have to use a mirror, don’t turn it toward you. Instead, orient the mirror away from you and use it as a backboard.

You can take things a step further by lighting your face. Buy yourself some inexpensive lighting equipment at Lowe’s or Home Depot. You can get some small lights that will fit on a stand that you can put behind you so that your face is lit up. Don’t worry if you don’t have a massive budget because these lights are really inexpensive.

Talk clearly as if you’re talking to a friend and not to a camera

When you talk on YouTube, you want to speak as if you’re talking to a friend. Don’t just read off of a script because your video won’t be as engaging. You don’t want to talk too fast, but you also don’t want to be too slow. You should speak naturally because that’s what your viewers expect. You need to sound a little bit like you’re talking to a friend, but you don’t want to sound too sloppy.


Don’t fill your videos full of fluff or useless information

When people are looking at content, they want to know that the video is going to be worth their time. Don’t fill your videos full of fluff or useless information just because you’re trying to fill up time. People will be able to tell if you’re just filling up time. Instead, make each video valuable and full of information that the viewer finds invaluable.


The key to YouTube success is creating content that answers questions that people have

One of the easiest ways to get a lot of views on YouTube is to answer questions that visitors are searching for. Often, the best way to answer these questions is by creating videos that target problems that people. Let’s say that you’re someone who makes cooking videos; well, you could come up with a list of the most common questions people have while cooking supper. After you have that figured out, you can record a video or series of videos that answer these questions.

Answering questions is the easiest way of producing any type of content that is valuable online. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking blog posts or YouTube videos; if you can effectively answer questions that people have, you will make a ton of money. The key to making a lot of money on YouTube is to create videos that are as actionable as possible. Don’t just give your opinion; give the viewer ways that they can take action and solve their problem.

For example, say you were going to create a video about how to make a perfect steak. The obvious thing to do would be to film yourself standing over a grill talking about how to season the steak and what temperature you should cook it at. While you’re cooking the steak, you could talk about the most common mistakes people make while grilling a steak.

Now let’s turn our attention to optimizing your videos, so they rank high in YouTube’s search engine

You must write a compelling title that gets people to click on it

The title should contain your keywords and be written to make someone want to click on it. You need to use your main keyword in the title but don’t make it sound spammy. Keep in mind the search engines want to rank videos that have keywords in them naturally. If you just cram keywords into your title, it’s going to look like spam.


Writing a thorough description of your video is a must

Every video should have an in-depth description of it. The description should have keywords directly related to the video and a brief summary of what the video is about. The description should be easy to read because people don’t want to scroll through a text wall on YouTube. The YouTube video description is an integral part of your SEO.

Tags are another factor that will help you rank better in YouTube’s search engine

You don’t want just to have one or two tags. You need to add as many tags as you can to your video. Think about the different ways you could describe your video, and don’t be afraid to add many tags. Don’t use unrelated tags, though. The tags should be something that helps describe your video better.


Adding links within your YouTube video is also a great idea for SEO

You can link to your other videos on YouTube in the description of your video. Also, you can link to videos that relate to the topic of your video. You should also link to relevant websites. When you include these links within your videos, they will help with your search engine rankings.


How to get people to subscribe to your channel

Getting people to subscribe to your channel is a must for long-term growth. One of the easiest ways to get people to subscribe is by asking them. You can do this in your videos, but you have to be careful in how you ask. You don’t want to beg people to subscribe to your channel. Instead, you want to ask them to subscribe as a way of thanking them for their time. Asking politely at the end of a video will help you get more subscribers.


It’s also a good idea to ask people to like the video

Likes are important to YouTube’s algorithm. Ask people to like the video if they enjoyed watching it. Not everyone wants to subscribe to your channel, but they might be willing to like the video. Every like matters, and they will help you get organic traffic from YouTube. It doesn’t hurt to ask people to like the video.


Don’t forget to tell them to smash the notification button

It’s not enough for them to subscribe; it’s also a good idea to remind them to smash the notification button. It’s a small detail that can go a long way in helping you build your channel. By doing this, the subscriber will be notified every time you publish a new video.


Comments are necessary to grow your channel

YouTube wants to see people commenting on your videos. Encourage comments by asking people to say something in the comment section or by starting a discussion about a topic. You can also ask people to comment on the video if they have a question. This will help you get comments from viewers and provide them with a space to ask questions.


The part that you’ve been waiting for, how to make money on Youtube

Some of you may have skipped all the way down to this section of the article. If your channel is new, don’t even think about monetizing it. First, get enough watch time and subscribers to qualify to monetize your videos. You shouldn’t even think about making money on YouTube until you’ve done that. If you have less than a few thousand subscribers and less than a couple thousand hours of watch time, get back to work creating videos. Now is not the time to think about how you’re going to make money.


The easiest way to make money on YouTube is through Adsense

AdSense is Google’s advertising network. You choose the type of ads that you want to display on your videos, and you get paid every time someone clicks on them. You can earn a lot of money with AdSense, but it’s not easy to make money with AdSense until your channel is more popular. You can also earn money by allowing sponsors to run ads on your videos. This will help you with monetization and give your channel the base you need to grow.


The amount you get paid with Adsense depends on your niche

You get paid CPM with Adsense, and that means you get paid a certain amount per 1,000 views. The amount you get paid per 1,000 views depends on your niche. You can check the CPM in your Adsense dashboard. The higher the CPM is for your niche, the more you will get paid. You can check the CPM by looking at the last 30 days for a channel in your niche.


How much money you make with Adsense will depend on how many people watch your videos

The amount of money you’ll make with Adsense will depend on how many people are watching your videos. The more people that watch your videos, the more money you will be able to make from them. You need a lot of views to be able to make any income. We’re talking tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of views. It shoulds like a lot, but keep in mind that everyone on the internet goes to YouTube. Anyone who wants to watch a video online goes to YouTube, which means getting views isn’t very difficult.


Some YouTubers make the bulk of their money through affiliate marketing

You can make a ton of money through affiliate marketing on YouTube. What affiliate marketing means is that you get a commission for sending people off of YouTube to another website where they buy something. In order to make money through affiliate marketing, you include your affiliate link in the description and ask people to click on it.


Create helpful videos based on the affiliate offer you’re promoting

The best way to make money as an affiliate is to create videos that help someone do something. Let’s say that you’re teaching someone how to blog; include a link to a web hosting company that earns you an affiliate commission if someone becomes a customer. Another thing you can do is create videos that highlight products that you are promoting. In order to get people to click on your link, you have to make your video as helpful as possible.


Selling digital products such as courses is a way to make money using YouTube

Let’s say that you have a course about teaching people who to become a better singer. You can promote your course in your YouTube videos. eBooks are another thing that sells great in videos. The nice thing about selling digital products is, you create the product once, and you can sell it for months, even years down the line.


You can also use YouTube as a means of getting subscribers to your email list

Include a call to action in your videos instructing people to join your email list. You’ll be able to market to people who join your list. Some people spend a lot of money buying traffic to feed their email list; you can get people to join for free if you ask them the right way in your videos.


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room that has been keeping you from making any money on YouTube.

You don’t want to be in front of the camera. You want to cash in on YouTube, but the idea of being on camera freaks you out. Well, you’re probably going to have to get over that in the long run; however, you can make videos without you being in them.


Instructional videos using recordings of your camera can make you money on YouTube

If you’re a programmer or someone who can teach someone how to do something using your computer screen, then you don’t have to get in front of the camera to make YouTube videos. You can record your screen and talk over the recordings. Or you can explain how something works without having to be a camera. You still will need to speak on camera to explain what you’re doing.


Can you make entertaining videos that don’t teach people how to do something?

Up until this point, we’ve talked about how to make educational videos and profit from them. You might be wondering if it’s possible to create funny videos and make money from them as well. The short answer is yes, but there’s a problem with entertaining videos, and that is they don’t earn much money. You’d think that a funny video of your cat doing something silly would make hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, but it doesn’t work that way.

The reason why entertaining or funny videos don’t make much money is, the advertisers aren’t willing to spend a lot to advertise on them. Advertisers who buy advertising on niche-specific videos are willing to spend much more money to reach a smaller audience. What companies are going to advertise on your funny fail compilations? Companies that aren’t willing to spend a lot to advertise very basic items that everyone uses. This translates into less money for you, and that’s why it’s best to avoid making such videos.


The number of videos you create will determine your success or failure on YouTube

The number of videos you publish will have a significant impact on how well you do. The more videos you post, the more exposure you’ll have. You’ll also rank higher in YouTube’s search engine and generate more traffic if you publish enough videos. How many videos do you need to create to be successful on YouTube? The answer to that question varies, but for long-term success, you’re looking at hundreds of videos. You can’t make five videos and expect to be wildly popular on YouTube.


Don’t freak out when your channel doesn’t take off right away

If you want to make money on YouTube, there’s a chance that it won’t happen overnight. It takes time and consistency for a YouTube channel to grow. It takes at least several months for a channel to grow a subscriber base that is loyal and will watch all of your recently uploaded videos. If your channel doesn’t grow right away, don’t stress out or give up. Be patient and keep publishing videos.


It’s okay to create videos with the sole intention of making money

There are some people who feel bad about creating videos for the purpose of making money. There’s nothing wrong with it, and there are many successful YouTubers who have created some videos to make money. Don’t feel guilty about making money from your content. On YouTube, you’re either growing your channel or you’re dying. It’s okay if your motive is to make money with your YouTube videos.


Above all else, have fun making videos

No matter what, if you’re having fun, you are coming out ahead. The people watching your videos will enjoy them, and you’ll see your watch time and subscriber count skyrocket. Even though YouTube is a business, it’s also a way to connect with people online. If you’re having fun, your viewers will be able to see that, and they will subscribe or buy things from you.

YouTube may be a lot of work, but it’s worth it in the end if you’re willing to put in the time. The system is set up to make you money, and it works as long as you are producing content that people want to watch. The best thing to do is start making videos and get as much experience as you can. The more experience you have, the better chance you’ll have at doing well.


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