The complete guide to making money selling info products

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The complete guide to making money selling info products

The internet has been abuzz the past few years with people selling info products. The way people think of education is different these days, and the idea of learning something online is becoming more appealing. People now want to learn something new without having to sit in a classroom for four years. As a producer of informational products, you can teach someone how to do something without them ever having to leave their home.

In this guide, you’ll find out how to make money selling info products. You’ll understand that this is a timeless way of making money that isn’t going anywhere. As long as you have something to teach people, there will be those who are willing to pay money to be taught.

What are info products?

Info products are something that is in print, audio, or video form that has been offered to someone for a price. Some examples of info products are eBooks, reports, home study courses, and digital downloads.

One of the reasons why info products are so popular is because you can easily make a website and sell your product as an online business. You don’t have to be in the same location as your customers, and they can buy your product from anywhere on the planet. As your customer base grows, you can also reach more people in different countries without leaving your home. With an info product, you don’t have to deal with the logistics of shipping physical products. You don’t have to waste money on packaging supplies or worry about the product arriving in the mail.

Who buys info products?

There are different types of people who buy information products. Some of them are just curious, while others are looking for something to help them solve problems. Still, others buy info products because they want to learn something that they didn’t learn at school.

If you think about the type of people who want to buy your product, you’ll be able to create something that appeals to them. You can design your info product so that it’s easy for someone in a specific situation to use it. The more you can narrow your audience down, the better chance you have of making more money.

What information products can you sell?

You can sell just about any information product. You can sell information about a hobby you have or something to do with your job. You can sell a course on how to do something that you’re good at or something that interests you. There are many things that you can sell in the form of an info product. It’s all up to your imagination.

How much money can you make selling an info product?

There is no correct answer to this question. You can make hundreds of dollars a month up to tens of thousands of dollars. The amount of money you make depends on several factors. First, you have to decide how much you’re going to charge for your product. The higher the price, the fewer people will buy it. The lower the price, the more people will buy it. The niche you’re in will also play a significant factor in how much you can charge for the product.

What are some examples of info products?

  1. ebooks

ebooks are one of the most popular forms of info products. An eBook is a digital file that contains information in an electronic form. eBooks can be read on an eBook reader or even a computer screen. Ebooks have become very popular over the past few years, and many people are selling them.

How can you create an eBook?

You don’t have to be a great writer to create an ebook. You can simply type out the information you want to include. When you’re done, get your friends and family to read it and have them tell you how to improve it. Once you feel it’s ready, you can have it formatted into an ebook. If you don’t know how to format it, there are services online that will do it for you.

  1. Course/Training Course

Online courses have become very popular over the past few years. People want to learn something new, and taking an online course is an excellent way to learn. You can create a course and sell it to people. Not only is it an easy form of information product, but you don’t have to keep making new versions of the course as you progress in your career. Once you’re done creating your course, you simply sell it over and over again.

  1. Audio/Video

Another popular type of info product is an audio or video product. You can record a virtual class and have students pay to listen to it. Many teachers are now recording their classes and selling the recordings online. You can do the same thing with your skill. You can record a class on how to do something and sell it to students. This is a popular way for someone to be educated without sitting in a classroom all day.

  1. Membership Site

With a membership site, you offer different memberships to people. Some of them are free, and the other paid ones give the users more privileges. You can use your website to sell different memberships that will provide people with different information. Each membership will have a different price.

  1. Software/Plugins

If you’re a programmer, you can create a plugin or some software and sell it on your website. Not only is this an easy product to sell, but the price can be really high. Even if someone buys your plugin/software once, they’ll have it for life. The best software to build are what’s referred to as a Software as a Service. A SaaS can bring you in a nice monthly income since you can charge people every month to use your tool.

Now let’s take a look at how you generate traffic to get customers

The best info product in the world is useless unless you can get people to buy it. Marketing the info product is by far the most challenging thing that most people face. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many ways to get people to your site and buying your product.

Let’s break down each traffic source and tell you how to maximize your profits with it:

Blogs are a great way to get organic traffic to market to your info product

The reason why blogs are so popular is that they’re easy to create, and Google loves them. When you create a blog, you’ll be able to get free traffic from Google, and as your blog grows, you’ll be able to get lots of targeted traffic from Google as well. It’s a slow process, but blogging is a consistent form of traffic that will generate sales for months and years to come.

It takes a little time to get to know how to get traffic from Google, but once you get the process down pat, you’re set for life. Search engine optimization isn’t as difficult as people would like to believe. All you have to do is create blog posts with keyword-rich titles and write content that answers questions that people have. Google will send you traffic, and you can then direct it to your info product.

YouTube is another great free source of traffic

YouTube is a great source of traffic because you can get thousands of people to your site for free, and you can easily turn this traffic into sales. When you publish a video on YouTube, you can tell the viewer to click on a link in the description box that will take them to your info product’s sales page.

The critical factor in your success at YouTube will be creating plenty of high-quality videos that answer questions that people have. The questions that you answer should be directly related to the info product that you’re selling. Why? It’s because you want a very specific type of person to watch your videos. It’s useless to you if someone who isn’t interested in buying your info product watches your videos. If you’re selling an eBook about gardening, it’s a waste of your time if a bunch of people needing help repairing their computer watches your video.

Building an email list gives you the best chance of selling your info product

The traffic from an email list is the best that you can get. That’s why by far, the smartest thing that you can do is build an email list. The money in this strategy comes from selling your info product to people on your list.

The advantage that email lists have over other traffic methods is that you can send people emails about things that will help them. You make a personal connection with the person, and that’s when the magic begins. You can send them emails about all sorts of things. Examples include links to blog posts and Youtube videos that you’ve made, podcasts you’ve done, links to other informative articles, and info products of your own. It always comes back to your info product in some way.

Buying traffic with AdWords works but can be costly

AdWords is what you use to buy traffic from Google. It accepts Google ads and allows you to bid on keywords. The idea is that if someone types in a keyword that you’re bidding on, your ad appears at the top of the list when they search for it. The cost per click can be relatively high, depending on your niche.

Google has an almost unlimited amount of traffic, and that’s good if you’re a marketer. Things can get hairy quite quickly if your ad isn’t optimized and you’re burning through tons of money every day without seeing any results. Always do small test runs of ads and then scale up when you find one that’s profitable.

Facebook ads are another way to drive traffic to your info product

Facebook is a great place to drive traffic. You can get thousands of people to your website, and it won’t cost you more than $1 per click. This is one of the best ways to advertise because you’re not wasting money if someone doesn’t click on your ad. However, much like with AdWords, you can burn through money quickly if you don’t watch your spending.

The trick with Facebook ads is to do small tests and tweak your ads until they become profitable. You can do this by running ads with different headlines and images. When you find the profitable combination, scale-up and enjoy the profits.

Let’s turn our attention to how to create your info product

Why did we go through all of this without first telling you how to create your info product? People are restless creatures, and they care about making money before learning how to create the product. The truth is that it’s no harder to create an info product than anything else. When you do something from scratch, it takes time, and you have to be motivated. If you’re not motivated or if you want to give up halfway through, then you’ll fail.

The first thing you need to do is determine what niche you’re going to create an info product around

This isn’t one of those things that you can fake it until you make it. You must be an expert in the area that you’re going to create an info product about. There are thousands of people selling info products. If you’re not an expert, you have no chance of outranking them and making money.

You can also hire someone else to create the product for you. This is usually a better option than trying to do it yourself if you’re not an expert. However, for your first info product, you should create something you’re familiar with, so you can fully understand the process.

Now you need to determine what medium you’re going to create your info product on

Will it be an eBook? Maybe you’re going to sell a course or software. The most important thing is that you choose one and stick with it. It’s no good if you create an eBook, a video course, and an audio course. This will only confuse your customers. Keep things simple. Choose one and make an info product in that format.

After you choose your medium, you need to create the content for it

The best info products are created by people who have already established themselves. If you’re a beginner, it will be tough to get people to buy your product. If you can’t answer questions that will help people today, don’t bother making an info product. When you’re creating your info product, you need to ensure that the content is high quality. If it isn’t, no one will buy it.

Now let’s talk about how to price your info product and sell it

When you’re selling your product, the most important thing is to price it correctly. The first thing you need to do is come up with a list of similar products in your niche. You can find these on Google by typing in similar niches and “information product.” After you have a list, compare your product’s price to the prices of the info products in your niche. A huge mistake that people make is pricing their products too high.

The price you set should be one that will get you at least 50% profit. That’s how much profit you should be shooting for. The trick is to find the right price for your product. If you set the price too high, it will fail. If you put it too low, then you won’t be making enough money to pay yourself. It’s a tricky balancing act, but you can do it if you’re persistent.

Should you try to sell your info product on ClickBank?

The answer to this question isn’t as cut and dry as many would like it to be. It’s no secret that ClickBank is a popular place to sell info products. However, it’s not the best place unless you’re selling more expensive products. That’s because ClickBank takes a cut of your profits, and it can be a lot if you sell an expensive product.

What are the benefits of selling your info product on ClickBank?

  • Tens of thousands of marketers can promote your info product
  • Quite a few people are promoting ClickBank offers, and they can promote your info product. The downside is that you have to give a cut of the profits for every sale someone makes on ClickBank.
  • ClickBank will handle all of the sales and the money

If you’re not comfortable handling your product’s sales, then ClickBank is a great option for you. It tracks all of the sales and ensures that people pay you when they purchase your info product.

What are the drawbacks of selling on ClickBank?

ClickBank will take away profits from you

In order to get your info product sold, you’ll have to give a cut of your earnings to ClickBank. If you sell expensive products, that can become a considerable amount.

You can’t just send people to your sales page

When you sell your product on ClickBank, you can’t just send people to a sales page. You have to tell them that they need to purchase through ClickBank. So you’ll have to take the time to sell your info product on ClickBank AND sell it off ClickBank as well.

What’s the bottom line on using ClickBank to get sales to your info product?

Use it only if you want access to thousands of potential marketers who are constantly looking for new products and services to promote. You should also use it if you’re okay with giving up a cut of your sales to ClickBank.

Let’s talk a little bit about starting your own affiliate program

So, now you’re making some sales. You don’t like the idea of using ClickBank to get marketers to promote your info product, but you do want to give people a chance to sell what you’re offering. The next line of logic is to start your own affiliate program.

Here are the pros and cons of starting your own affiliate program:


  • You’ll get a lot of sales
  • When you start your own affiliate program, you will make a lot of sales, but you’ll have to give up a big part of your profits. That’s because affiliates will want a cut of the profits that they make from the sales.
  • You can network and learn who can send sales
  • You’ll discover who the super affiliates are pretty quickly when you run an affiliate program. They’re always looking for new offers to promote. These super affiliates are the ones that can send tons of traffic and sales to your products.
  • You’ll get new ideas on how to promote your info product
  • You’ll see how other people are promoting your product, and you can mimic what they’re doing. No, you’re not going to steal their ideas but make them better.


  • You’ll give up a big portion of your profits
  • In order for affiliates to promote your product, you have to give them a cut of the profits. The amount can be anywhere from 30% to 50%. Now, remember how we told you to shoot for at least a 50% profit margin? This is no longer possible.
  • You’ll need to offer support for affiliates
  • Either you or someone you hire will have to spend time dealing with all the affiliates’ questions. You’ll have to answer the same set of questions over and over again. You might hate this part.
  • It won’t be long until you see that the internet is full of scammers and spammers
  • You have no idea which affiliate is legit and who isn’t. The only way that you’ll know is by weeding them through a process of checking who they are. If you don’t do this, then you’ll have to wait and see if the person spams the internet with your info product. If they do, the result could be that your reputation goes down the toilet.

The best way to run an affiliate program is to search for affiliates yourself

Contact people in your niche and ask if they would like to promote your info product. It takes a little time and patience, but it will work out best this way. Any time you can build personal relationships with marketers, it’s a good thing because it gives you a chance to get to know the important people in your industry. These are people who you can work closely with to make you money in the future.

However, most of you reading this will never use ClickBank or set up an affiliate program

Setting up an affiliate program or putting your product on ClickBank, in the end, is way too much work for the average individual. Even seasoned marketing professionals skip the affiliate program or offering their product on ClickBank. It’s not worth the hassle for many people, and if they want to generate sales, they’ll hire staff and do all the work themselves. The profit margin is much higher this way, and you have total control over the building of your brand.

The last thing we want to talk about is the quality of your info product

The ultimate success or failure of your info product lies in its quality. Let’s just be blunt and say if your info product sucks, you’re not going to make any money. When you set out to make your info product, you must do all that you can to make sure that it’s as close to perfect as possible. It’s going to be the primary reason why people buy or don’t buy your product.

Study your competition and buy their info product

How do you know what people expect in your niche when they buy an info product? You know because you’ve purchased other info products and studied what made them work. If you haven’t bought an info product in your niche, you have no idea what people want.

To do this, first, buy the product that you’re trying to sell. Study it and be careful not to rip it off completely. Once you have an idea of what people want, you can add some value to your info product.

Make your info product different

You’re not the first person to come up with a great idea for an info product. If you find a niche with tons of info products in it, you should be able to come up with something different from what other people are offering. When you come up with something new, it will draw people to your product since they have nothing similar to compare it to.

If you’re coming up with something totally new, then you should give away part of it for free

You need to give people a taste of what they’re going to get when they buy your info product. A great way to do that is by giving away some information in blog posts or in YouTube videos. You’re not giving away everything, just enough to cement the idea in the minds of the viewer or reader that you’re an expert in your niche. The purpose of the free information is to get the word out about who you are and why your information is valuable enough that people should pay money for it.

Rinse and repeat

Once you’ve successfully learned how you can create and market an info product, the only thing left to do is scale up your business. The only way that you can do that is to repeat the process over and over again. After you learn how to do it, you can outsource parts of the work so that you’re no longer doing it. The crucial thing is that you first learn who to create and market your info product, and from there, you can delegate the tasks to others to scale up and make some serious cash.

Above all else, pay close attention to the quality of your info product

Quality over quantity is essential, and it will determine how successful you are. You want to create the best info product that you can. When you do that, a lot of things will fall into place for you. You’ll find that you can make money from what you’re doing and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

You’ll become free from the rat race

You’ll be able to create and market info products whenever you want to. You’ll be able to do it all and never have to worry about a boss telling you things that you don’t want to hear. So if you’re looking for a way out of the rat race, then maybe creating your own info product is the answer.


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