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As you well know, there are lots of ways to make money online. And this blog itself contains several posts discussing various methods and strategies that will allow you to make a great income. One that can result in becoming your main source of income or a form of a side hustle.

In this post, I will reveal my very own personal success vehicle for bringing in additional income, one that has allowed me to make $10,000 for just a month’s worth of work.  In fact, it’s been that much of a benefit to me, that it allowed me to leave my professional full-time job and start my very own marketing consultancy.

That’s right! I got to actually be my very own boss. Living and working on my own terms. Being able to live the way I do now and having control over what I do and when, on a daily basis, has probably been the most rewarding part for me and something that I am really proud of. Not to mention when people ask me what I do, I proudly say that I simply help small businesses get more customers and sales using online marketing techniques.

This was something that was important to me – I knew that I always wanted to work for myself and have control over my life, but I did not want to do it by jumping into something that I’d be embarrassed to talk about whenever the subject of what I do for work came up when meeting new people.

Sunday evenings used to be so depressing knowing I had to be up early in the morning to play out the same routine for the next five days just to make the big guy on the top floor richer. At every work review, I got the same excuse of “Sorry we’re not looking at pay rises this year, due to the economic climate” rubbish.

Not being appreciated or compensated for your hard work is a really tough pill to swallow. Especially when having worked at weekends and late into the evenings just to keep that ‘special’ client happy!

I knew things had to change. And it was in March of 2019 when lady luck finally paid me a visit.

I came across a video on YouTube of this guy saying you could make extra cash from helping businesses to grow whilst working your day job. I was intrigued and having had a crappy week at work I began to listen intently to what he had to say. And what he talked about sparked my interest, I could really relate to what he was saying. I went ahead and signed up for his free training session where he broke down the process…

So, what was it?

Well, the program he talked about is called Local Marketing Vault. And for this post particular post, I will abbreviate it as the LMV.

LMV teaches how you as a local marketing consultant can generate leads for small businesses and how to do it.

And, who does the teaching?

Meet the owners:

James Bonadies. Make Money Online

James Bonadies

James’ background and upbringing taught him that the key to success was working hard and saving money.

However, having bigger ambitions, he was aware he needed to keep up with the changing pace of technology and marketing to make real progress in reaching his income goals.

It was in 2014 when James saw an ad for an online course teaching SEO.

This course was for anyone interested in growing their business through search engine optimization. He took the course, learned SEO, and he used these new skills to grow his own business, too.

He managed to grow his digital marketing agency to seven figures in less than two years and now he teaches how others can create a business from which they can realise their own success.


Jason McKim. Make Money Online

Jason McKim

Jason’s background as a financial consultant did not bring him as much job satisfaction so he pivoted and began learning SEO whilst working at a law firm. He began running ads for the company which led to a successful run in getting the firm results through his marketing skills.

Jason soon realized he could do the same for various other businesses and therefore, continued nurturing the entrepreneur within.

He started creating ads for various local businesses using paid traffic and continued to be successful in getting clients’ results.

As part of his continued development in marketing, Jason attended seminars and it is at one of these that he met James. They decided to create the Local Marketing Vault and teach others how to gain the same kind of success as them.


 So, what strategies are used in LMV that put you in a strong position to make money?

There are plenty of service providers for all kinds of needs, from cosmetic dentists to breakdown services and plumbers.

In the training, you learn how to prospect and do sales to get the client whilst learning how to run Facebook ads or Google Ads to get them more business. The program provides pre-built landing pages that have been tested and proven to get results.

The idea is to provide a great service and get clients results good enough to be able to keep them paying you a retainer fee in exchange for your valuable service on a monthly basis.

Paid ads are a great way for small businesses to gain more customers, but there’s a lot of different skills that are needed to run a successful paid ad campaign. Such as good copywriting, finding the right images, creating the right copy and getting the targeting just right.

Business owners don’t always have the time to mess with all of that themselves. They want help with their SEO, getting started with social media marketing and everything else to get things going.

This is where you come in. Through the client getting training taught in this program you are able put yourself in a strong position to form a vital business, earning money by marketing products or services for small businesses that really need the expertise you’ll be trained on.

The LMV program gives teaches you how to fulfil customer expectations and provides the right landing pages that they have tried and tested rigorously themselves to bring in great results.


Giving businesses what they want.

In the case of SEO and getting their offers in front of customers, some businesses cannot wait for their website to rank organically as it can take anywhere from 6 -12 months. So, they move towards paid adverts in order to get immediate traffic and the sales to bring in that revenue.

From the LMV training, this is just one of many services you will be able to provide.

LMV will teach you how to prospect and get clients by using various strategies, creating marketing campaigns, and structuring deals.

Video tutorials for creating ads using Google Adwords and running Facebook ads for local businesses are all part of the program. These areas are covered in-depth thoroughly and step by step.

Prospecting is also an important part of the paid ad agency business. It’s the art of reaching out to business owners, grabbing their attention and working with them to become your next client. The support for learning this skill and improving it to become great in business negotiation and pivoting to other services you can provide for great money is something the LMV community has covered very well.

The training also shows exactly what to talk about during your conversations and how to get information over to a prospective client in a logical manner, so that you establish yourself as an authority in getting leads and customers for the local business you’re meeting with. This is also shown step by step using video training backed up by questionnaires and downloadable PDFs to have at hand to help explain and break down your strategy and process in an easily digestible way for your prospective client to understand.

The training is structured so that you are positioned as a professional marketer who exercises transparency. This helps them gain a better insight into the way you’re going to work to get them more customers and sales whilst enabling you to successfully close the deal and gain them as your client.


This is the LMV member’s area dashboard. This is what you see when logged in:


This is the LMV Genesis course itself.

The video series begins with a general overview video of the business system, explaining the best ways to go through the program in order to make the most of it. This teaches you about the business you’re going to embark on, explaining the key concepts, fundamentals, what it is that you’ll be doing, who it is that you’ll be helping and the entire process of how that works.


The program will teach you how to find people to help and what you say to them to sell you services and what you are going to do for them. It also shows you (through training videos) how exactly you are going to get them done to fulfil the job and get paid. It will train you into gaining momentum and start being able to talk to business owners with ease and offer them your services and they agree to work with you and pay for your services.


This becomes your very own rinse and repeat process. Where you’ll have the option to add on as many clients as you want to accomplish your own personal business income goals.


If you’re not exactly familiar with marketing, then this program is ideal for you as it teaches you, step by step, how to run your business to get results.


Although the videos are titled in week numbers, you can actually go through the course at your own pace. This simply means, that if you’re looking to get through the course as soon as possible, then you’re free to do this as you like and it’s possible to get through the entire course in a week. On the other hand, if you want to take it slow and take your time to get your head around the whole training then that’s okay too. In the meantime, the support will always be there in the Facebook group that you’ll have access to from day one.


Here’s where you get access to the Facebook group. Which is perfect for getting answers to any questions you have around the training. The LMV staff and experienced LMV members will provide support anytime you get stuck. This covers any area of the program that is taught in the video training. Example scenarios would be;


  • After watching one of the training videos and you’re still not clear on the steps and have a question regarding what was said.
  • Or, when you have a campaign running on Facebook and you just have some questions about that.
  • Or, you’re about to speak to a prospective client and you’re curious about how best to approach the conversation.


This is where you can access the LMV Approved Partners page where there is a list of experienced LMV members who have positioned themselves as being available for less experienced members to partner up with as an option.


This is a great way to learn from an expert while they take care of your Facebook and Google ads for your clients. Or, if you are comfortable with doing the ads but would like someone to sell your services then you can have a member close your deals through partnering. The basis for this joint partnership depends on what you and the partner would negotiate as a deal, but most often than not it is for a 50/50 split of the profit.


This is the chat bubble for support-powered Messenger. This is great for contacting support in relation to any technical issues or account queries, such as password problems or guidance on where particular training videos are located etc. This method of contacting support is really convenient and I have always found them to be very responsive.


So, there you have it. Local Marketing Vault is my most recommended program for making money online. From it, you will learn how to operate professionally as a business that simply gets more customers and sales for small businesses.

The program provides ongoing support and at least 3 live weekly Q and A sessions that also have golden nuggets of advice on anything that you are stuck on.

If you are serious about making money online in a way that allows you eventually bring in a full-time income, then this is the place for you. By putting in the work (which is no more than the amount of work you are probably already putting in whilst working for someone else) then this program has the potential to benefit you whilst allowing you to be your own boss, and keeping all the profit you worked for.

If you are ready to become your own boss and make money online then click here and you will come to a page below that looks like the one shown below. Just fill out your email on it and watch the free training to get started!Local Marketing Vault Sign Up Page



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