How To Make Money Creating And Selling WordPress Templates

How to make money creating and selling WordPress templates

Creating and selling WordPress templates is a great way to make money online. WordPress Themes are the heart and soul of every website, and by producing top-quality themes, you can provide much-needed functionality, structure, and originality to other people’s websites. You simply provide a better-looking theme than your competitors, that’s why they buy from you.


If you want to make money by creating and selling WordPress templates, you can create themes for general use or for specific themes such as real estate, e-commerce, travel, wedding, fitness, and many more. You can even create an entirely new niche in the WordPress theme market. Whatever niche you choose to target, there will be people out there who want your theme and are willing to pay your asking price.


Begin by selling a few inexpensive themes to get noticed by the community


If you’re new at selling themes, you probably don’t have a huge advertising budget. If that’s the case, don’t sweat it. If you create a few fantastic themes and sell them inexpensively, you’ll start to get known. When you make a few sales, and people like the themes you create, they’ll tell other people. Word of mouth is the best way to promote your themes. After your theme site starts to get a reputation, that’s when you unleash the more expensive templates that will bring you in even more money.


Take advantage of theme selling sites to tap into their traffic


Many sites allow you to sell your themes, and they will take a percentage of the sale. You can take advantage of their hard work to build traffic and, in turn, get a few sales. Some designers avoid selling at such sites because of the fees, but it’s the lifeblood of their business for others. They use the fees to pay for their marketing, and if they don’t get the sales, they don’t make money.


Give away free themes to build backlinks to your main site


Have you ever used a free WordPress theme and noticed that they have a link back to their site in the footer? If so, the reason they do this is to build up backlinks to their main site. It does work, and you can use this method to get backlinks to your site and get some traffic. Make sure your free theme is listed at to get the most exposure possible to possible users.


You can also run a WordPress theme customization business on the side

Here you would offer to customize your theme for a price or the themes of other companies. You can do this for any theme; it doesn’t have to be your own. This lets you build a relationship with clients, even if they don’t buy your theme. Those clients can turn into repeat customers who can then, in turn, create a stable income for you.

WordPress is super popular, and it’s not going to go anywhere

Creating WordPress themes is a rock-solid business that’s not going to go anywhere anytime soon. WordPress is powering a staggering new number of sites every year, and it’s only going to continue onward. That means your theme selling business has the potential to grow and turn into something that could lead to a stable income.


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