How To Earn Money Selling Your Pictures

How To Earn Money Selling Your Pictures.

This article reveals how to earn money by selling your pictures and shows where you can make money from.


Almost everyone takes pictures these days. And the majority of phones are equipped with great camera tech coupled with a high-quality lens, capable of taking some great pictures. Seeing people taking pictures using their phones is a regular occurrence nowadays, especially while on vacation, holiday, or even a trip out.


This gives us a huge chance to make money by doing what we love. Anyone can start taking amazing photos. If you think you have taken some good photos, you could sell them online and make some extra money.


You don’t need to be a pro to take great pictures. And selling your pictures online is another way to earn more money just as professional photographers do.


Most of the places where you can purchase photos online allow you to keep all your rights to the picture which is a plus.


Here we’ll discuss the know-how of selling pictures online to earn more money and why you’d want to do it in the first place.


So, why sell your photos online?

To make money of course! Who doesn’t want to make a little extra money? There are billions of dollars in the online photo-selling business. So why wouldn’t you you’re your piece of the pie and put your high-quality photos online to make some money? Getting noticed and making a name for yourself as an upcoming photographer is another good reason to sell your photos on the web. It can help you get established and kick start a career for you.


If you take a picture that has all the attributes of an “evergreen” picture, and it goes viral, you can break the internet. Another reason for getting your work online is that it’s not limited to any one country. You can sell your photos from anywhere in the world, including the United States, Nigeria, India, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, Zambia, Uganda, and the United Kingdom to name a few. The opportunities of selling your work really are global.


Where to sell online pictures

Here are a few online locations where you can sell your pictures.


On your blog

You can make money by selling photos online, but the best place to do it is on your own webpage (blog). You decide the price and terms when you sell something on your blog. This way you can build your brand and market yourself better than anyone else can.


The best thing about selling your pictures on your blog is that you are in charge of everything. You need to set up a blog. Read our guide on how to start a blog if you don’t know-how. Once you’ve fixed up your blog, you can go to Theme Forest and choose a premium quality photography theme.



Shutterstock is among the most visited websites with stock photos. You can make very good money by selling your photos through them whilst keeping your work protected under copyright. They have given back more than $500 million to its donors.


They’ve been in business for over 15 years and have as many as 200 million pictures. They have millions of users because of their reputation for providing high quality images as well as having been doing it for so long. The beauty of selling your photos on Shutterstock is that you’ll have great exposure and a lot of people will get to see your work. To give you an idea of the kind of money you can make on this platform, you can make $28 or less per download sale!


Getty Images

Regarding photos, Getty Images has become one of the biggest names online. They work with a lot of big companies. They are where the big companies themselves go to get their images. Getty has more than 1.5 million users in more than 200 countries, so your photos can get a lot of exposure. For photos certified through them, they offer 20 percent and more. But they have strict rules about who can use their platform. So check out how they may be able to help you get established.



Alamy is one of the best places on the web to buy and sell stock photos. The best thing about them is that they give contributors a 50 percent royalty on every photo sold on their platform. You can also sell the picture or use it somewhere else. You keep your right to copy! Alamy has more than 60,000 people who sell photos and 110,000 people who buy them. So, their platform is a great way to sell your images online and make a lot of money.


iStock Photo

The Getty Images family includes iStock Photo. The quality is the same as Getty images. They offer commissions that range from 25% to 45%. This site is a favorite among amateur photographers. With iStock, as well as selling on their platform you also have the option to sell through other platforms.


Adobe Stock

Adobe, a very well-known company, owns Adobe Stock. It was one of the first places where you could sell photos online. They cater to one of the largest groups of people who buy pictures online. And they became well-known as a result.

Adobe Stock allows your sales to be tracked in real-time and its purpose is to help IT donators make money from what they love to do. They give their contributors between 20% and 60% of their money.



Even though Etsy is not a website specifically for stock photos, you can still sell your photos there. And the fact that it has a large number of users is a big plus. Around the world, over 33 million people use Etsy, which you can leverage to your advantage. Although big stock photo webpages may have higher requirements that are hard to meet, Etsy on the other hand should make it easier to enter the market.



500px is a large online photo market where you can make portfolios of your photos and sell them. It is utilized a lot by people who sell photos online to make money. 500px will give you a 70% commission which is great. And they also have different contests that you can enter with the chance to win money!



PhotoShelter is a framework that allows you to make an online photo store. It’s more like an online shopping experience where you can create a store using specially designed templates to sell your pictures. However, to use this platform, you may have to pay for space via a subscription. New users can try it out for free, of course.



Foap is a phone app that helps people sell their photos online and make money. You can earn money from your pictures on Foap in many different ways. They will also help you get your photos to get noticed by bigger companies like Getty Images.


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